Battery Saving Tips for Android Mobile Phones

Battery Saving Tips for Android Mobile Phones

Android based Mobile Phones these days are not just smart because of the Operating System but are also full of features and useful applications. We are quite a fan of handsets like Samsung Galaxy S following which we had written an article on Increasing SamsungGalaxy S Battery life and also checking battery usage, which are useful for most of the Android mobile owners.

The Android Phones are normally full of cool stuff which is not possible to easily remove in order to make your handset look better than others, which are listed in the form of widgets and background applications. Hence the battery requirement would also be huge following which you will have to either regularly close the Background Data using application settings and also reduce brightness etc. In this article we will list down a big list of tips and useful hints which can help you in increasing the battery life of your mobile handset for a longer period.

Manage Wi-Fi :

It’s always important to watch out for the Wi-Fi settings because these are very important. Whenever you are away from your home WiFi network, you should disable this setting or else the mobile phone would be continuously search for available networks and their status if the same are available to access or are locked. This would completely drain down your battery and decrease the life, hence either making regular adjustments to your WiFi settings or else completely disabling is recommended. Check out the ‘Wireless &networks’ under the Mobile Phones settings and make changes to the same.

Android Power Widget :

You should install the Android Power Widget to quickly access the settings and then with one touch you can later Enable or Disable the Wi-Fi and other system functions. This comes with a list of few options which allows you to quickly Enable or Disable the GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Refresh Background Data and Increase or Decrease the brightness.

The Widget comes pre-installed and you can toggle this to ON by tapping on background of your screen for a long period following which you will get a widgets section, choose widgets > power control and add it to your screen. It would show you all the 5 options as displayed above following which with a single tap on any of these options you can change the status of these services.

Disable Bluetooth :

Bluetooth is not regularly used by everyone and its only used when someone needs to connect with their friends and transfer files and photos. Hence it’s not required to keep this service always ON which would again continuously draw the power and use the resources to find nearby devices. You can make use of the above listed widget and make the Bluetooth ON or OFF quickly whenever you need the same. You can also manually perform this option if you don’t want to use the widget, then you will have to tap on Settings > Wireless andNetworks > Bluetooth [Turn on Bluetooth].

Decrease Screen Brightness :

Smart Mobile Phones have some seriously big display screens because of which these draw the highest battery life. Whenever you unlock the device and start using it the screen starts using big amount of your batteries power. Hence its important to reduce the screen brightness whenever its possible to make sure that the Big OLED screen does not reduce the battery life quickly. You can make use of the ‘Brightness Level Widget’ and install in on your Home Screen following which you can easily reduce the brightness levels in multiples of 25% or else use the slider to set it to your custom percentage based on what suits the current room light. The lower value would give you the better performance. Optionally you can also use the ‘Power Widget’ to make quick changes to the brightness levels without the need to install another widget on your device. Manually you can change the settings by tapping on Settings > Display > Brightness, and then using the slider to set to any custom level.

Disable Auto-Sync :

Automatically syncing is one good feature because of which everyone buys the smart phones. Hence following this the handset would automatically update the data whenever the set time comes up. Most of these would include the automatically updating apps like Gmail, Google Calendar etc which would run every few minutes, connect to the Internet through WiFi or 3G and update the same with messages. Hence its important to turn off the auto-sync feature if you are not looking for the auto updating feature and go for manual option by directly visiting the browser and accessing your emails.

You can alternatively change the settings instead of completely disabling this feature by changing the time interval of ‘Email check frequency’ from ‘every 15 minutes’ to a higher time period. Apart from this the phone would alert you whenever the background data is updated in the form of Vibrations, Ringtone alert which can also be disabled.

Disable 3G :

3G Internet connectivity is awesome because of the speed but whenever you are in a Wifi connectivity range, it’s better to switch because 3G connection requires more battery power and higher resources. You can alternatively set the 3G mode to be on only when you are travelling and either switch to 2G when you are looking to get email updates. Setup the Wifi with sleep policy set which will make sure that the 3G connection is turned off whenever there is no usage or has a lower signal strength. For switching from 3G to 2G you can use the ‘2G-3G OnOff’ application which is available for free under the name ‘com.curvefish.widgets.network2g3gonoff’. You can also do this manually by tapping on Settings > Wireless Network > Mobile Network > ‘use 2G Networks Only’.

Turn-Off GPS Service :

GPS Services are useful when you are traveling between different services, but there is no use of the same while you are at your home or work place because there is no point of continuously updating your location. These navigation related features need a huge amount of battery along with resources because these also need to connect to the Internet too for getting the data from the Google Maps Navigation services.

You can turn off these services by either tapping on Settings > Location & Security settings > My Location. Here you will have to uncheck on the options of ‘Use wireless networks[Location determined by wi-fi and/or mobile networks.]‘ & ‘Use GPS satellites[When locating, accurate to street level(uncheck to conserve battery)]‘.

Kill Unused Apps :

There are many applications which are not regularly used by the phone owners but the major problem is that some of these keep running in the background and use the Available Memory, which in turn uses more resources and battery. Hence you can use an App like ‘Advanced Task Cleaner’ or ‘Task Manager’ which would display you a list of all the currently running apps along with the current Memory Usage and the CPU Usage. You will also be able to select one or multiple apps using the check boxes from the available list and then tap on the ‘End Task’ button.

Turn Off Animated Wallpaper :

Days are gone when you used to have those crappy small wallpaper, because nowadays the smartphones allow you to have the Animations in the background. You can check out the same in case of Samsung Galaxy S where a live galaxy would be circling in the background. This looks just awesome but would need a huge amount of battery, hence disabling these would save some.

Switch Airplane Mode

There are people who never accept calls or messages at some given point of time and this can be the night sleep time or else daily office meeting period when its better to switch off themobile phone than keeping it in silent mode and get tonnes of phone calls and SMS notifications. Check out the Android Market for an app called ‘Airplane Auto Switch’ which would automatically switch your mobile phone into airplane mode at the scheduled time you set. This would disable almost all the apps in the background and run at the lowest battery possible and make this one of the best battery power manager.

Disable Home Widgets :

Home widgets are quite useful but if you have installed some unused and useless home widgets which pull data from the web, then its time you should remove these.

Decrease Updates :

Geeks and youth generally buy these smart mobile phones because they would always like to stay connected with their friends through their mobile phone and the social networking websites like FaceBook, Twitter etc following which they would run these apps in the background and regularly update their own status messages. Hence in order to make sure that the battery power consumption is reduced you should try to update less on these websites and perform the same when it’s really required to. There are also options like Push Notifications which would alert you whenever someone messages you on sites like FaceBook, hence there is no need to check out the status every few minutes. Also you can delay the update interval from the default 15 minutes to say 30 minutes or an hours time or else selecting the manual updating.

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