Custom Build Gaming Desktop Computers

No anti-virus program will protect you 100%. With that being said, Wills Computer Repair offers virus removal repairs locally for Wilson NC, for a flat rate fee of $60. Without losing any of your files or data, we will remove any viruses, toolbars, pop ups, PUP’s (potentially unwanted programs). After fully cleaning your computer of viruses we then optimize your computer to run at its fastest, and install free antivirus programs to protect you in the future. Our turn around time for this job is mostly around 2 hours! That is same day service!

Our free antivirus programs actually work better than most of their ‘paid for’ programs, saving you money while providing better protection. This is a great service if your PC or laptop is running slow or freezing. Or if you see any pop ups, fake anti-virus programs that you didn’t install yourself, or any service that pops up and asks you to pay for it. In most cases, these are the actual viruses or malware/spyware that are infesting your computer.