This has actually been going on for a few years now but it is still worth mentioning, let’s talk about Microsoft scams. There are scammers who claim they are Microsoft and they want to let you know that your computer has a problem. They convince you to give them access to your computer, allowing them to look through any files, links, history, etc. without you knowing about it. They also set ‘syskey’ passwords that can only be removed by them, holding your files hostage so they can charge you to unlock it. These types of scams have been very common for the past couple years.

How it works is they need people to contact, so they will either hack websites by adding there pop up that says anything along the lines of Microsoft detects your computer has a virus, call 555-555-5555.. They will also embed a virus into websites where once you get infected with it, you will get pop ups on your desktop with their 1-800 number. But they will also cold call your home phone number, in an effort of calling anybody they can to get someone to fall for the scam.

Remember this, Microsoft will never call you to tell you about a problem your having with your computer. Think of this like the IRS scam callers, they are just hoping you fall for their bait. Do not contact them if you see their number pop up on your screen. Stop right there and start a virus removal, if you need us to perform a virus removal in shop give us a call at Wills Computer Repair at 252-289-9040, we love to help!