pc upgrades

An SSD will run 10x faster than before..


Your computers hard drive (HDD) could be upgraded to a solid state drive (SSD) which will run 10x faster, also being safer from drops since there aren’t any moving parts inside. Hard drives have less life expectancy than solid state drives, and over time the price of SSD’s have dropped making this a reasonable priced upgrade today! This is just one upgrade of many we offer, we can also: Upgrade your PC or laptops memory, upgrade the power supply and/or GPU (video card). Install wireless network cards, case fans, or anything you may need all for a better price than the other shops around Wilson NC.

We perform small upgrades all the way up to fully customized water cooled gaming computers.  Wills Computer Repair is conveniently located between Sheetz and Walgreens on Forest Hills Rd. Wilson 27893 and will be glad to recommend the perfect upgrade for your specific goal. Bring your computer down to the shop and we will be glad to help you out!